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  • NMO specialises in the orthotic management of complex neurological disorders.

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    Conditions Treated

    MS / Polio / Stroke / Cerebral Palsy / Spina Bifida / CMT / GBS / Spinal Cord Injury

    Muscular Dystrophy / Brain Injury / CIDP / IBM / Other Neurological Disorders


    Thorough History / Manual Muscle Test / Goal Setting R.O.M Testing / Reports

    Diagnostic Testing

    XFT-G3 Testing / Walking Cast / Stance Control Trial


    Orthotic Provision

    Foot Orthotics / Carbon Fibre AFO & GRAFO / XFT-G3

    PDE Orthosis / KAFO / Stance Control KAFO /

    Waterproof Orthoses / Sport-Recreation Orthoses

    Funding Assistance

    SWEP & Enable / NDIS

    TAC / WorkCover

  • Who are we?

    Meet the NeuroMuscular Orthotics team!

    Paul Sprague


    Principal Orthotist - Kids & FES

    Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Prosthetics & Orthotics in 2009 from Latrobe University Melbourne and has specialised in the orthotic management of children for the past 8 years. He is a global leader in the prescription and fitting of the Paediatric PDE Orthosis and is striving to improve the function of children using carbon fibre orthoses.


    He has worked in public (Princess Margaret Hospital Perth) & private practice (OPS Perth) before starting his own practice Interface Orthotics in Perth in 2014.


    Darren Pereira


    Principal Orthotist - Adults

    Darren graduated with a Bachelor of Prosthetics & Orthotics in 1994 from Latrobe University Melbourne. He has specialised in carbon fibre orthoses since 1998 and he is a global leader in Stance Control KAFO prescription, having fitted over 100 Australians since 2005. 


    He worked in public health at St.Vincent's Hospital Melbourne for 11 years and was the Chief of P&O during this period. He was also the orthotic consultant of Polio Services Victoria for the same period.

  • XFT G3

    Electrical Stimulation Orthosis for MS, Stroke, ABI & SCI.

    XFT G3

    Functional Electrical Stimulator

    The XFT G3 Functional Electrical Stimulator is a slim lightweight orthosis that supports drop foot in swing phase for clients with an upper motor neurone lesion. 

    How does it work?

    Introductory Video

    Short video outlining how the XFT G3 is fitted and functions on a client with drop foot.

    Clinical Outcome

    Initial Fitting of the XFT-G3 

    Our FES specialist, Paul Sprague, has had many successful fittings of the XFT G3 on clients with drop foot.

  • Stance Control

    Orthotic management for clients with quadriceps weakness.

    Diagnostic Tool

    E-Mag Active & C-Brace Trial

    How do we know if a client who has total leg paralysis is a candidate for Stance Control?

    Horton SCKAFO

    Australia's first stance control wearer

    Watch Ron Bell walk in a motion activated Stance Control KAFO. After his left leg was fitted in 2005, he was fitted with his second stance control in 2015.


    Australia's first C-Brace Wearer

    After suffering an Incomplete L1 Spinal Cord Injury in 2008, Grant Bailey was fitted with the C-Brace in 2014.

  • Exhibition

    NeuroMuscular Orthotics are showcasing their orthoses at the following events:

    CMT Seminar

    Concord Hospital NSW

    NeuroMuscular Orthotics will be showcasing the PDE Orthosis at the National CMT Seminar in Sydney on Sunday 24th September. For further details, click here:



    Paediatric Seminar

    Advance Rehab Centre NSW

    NeuroMuscular Orthotics will be presenting a seminar on the Paediatric PDE Orthosis at the Advance Rehab Centre on Monday 25th September. For further details, click here:




    AOPA Congress

    Crown Promenade VIC

    NeuroMuscular Orthotics will be showcasing their orthosis range at the AOPA Congress on Thursday - Saturday 5th, 6th & 7th October at the Crown Promenade in Melbourne. For further details, click here:



  • Orthotic Development Centre

    Advanced Clinical Training for the Australasian Orthotist

    Orthotic Development Centre

    Established in 2017

    The Orthotic Development Centre was opened in 2017 and was established to provide advanced clinical training in the orthotic management of neurological disorders.  

    Training Programme


    NeuroMuscular Orthotics is extremely pleased to announce our training programme for 2017-2018. Each course has a limit of 12 attendees and participants must be certified members of their respective Orthotic & Prosthetric Association. Clinicians will be shown the NMO approach in the management of children & adults with neurological and neuromuscular disorders.

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