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    We support clients with a diverse range of neurological & other conditions:









    Brain Injury

    Spina Bifida

    Spinal Cord Injury

    Muscular Dystrophy

    Other Neurology

  • About Us

    NeuroMuscular Orthotics specialises in the complex orthotic management of neuromuscular disorders. We are 100% Australian owned/operated and our head office is located in Clayton Victoria.


    We have satellite clinics at:

    • NeuroRehab Allied Health in Thomastown (VIC)
    •  Cerebral Palsy Alliance in Allambie Heights (NSW) 
    • Making Strides in Burleigh Heads (QLD)

    We have a close relationship with our sister clinic, Interface Orthotics, which is located in Leederville WA.

    Meet the team

    The team at NeuroMuscular Orthotics has over 80 combined years in clinical & technical experience managing & supporting clients with a neurological disorder. All clinicians are Certified Orthotist Prosthetists (C-OP) with the Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA).

  • Services

    How can we assist you to reach your goals?



    • Thorough History
    • Manual Muscle Testing
    • ROM Testing
    • Goal Setting
    • Reports

    Diagnostic Testing

    • Off the shelf AFO Trials
    • XFT-G3 Testing
    • Walking Cast
    • Stance Control Trial
    • C-Brace Trial
    • MyoPro Evaluation

    Orthotic Provision

    • Foot Orthotics
    • Carbon Fibre AFO
    • XFT-G3
    • PDE Orthosis 
    • KAFO
    • Stance Control KAFO
    • Waterproof Orthoses  
    • Recreation Orthoses
    • MyoPro

    Funding Submission

    • SWEP
    • Enable
    • NDIS
    • TAC 
    • WorkCover
  • PDE Orthosis

    The Posterior Dynamic Element (PDE) component allows the client to experience advanced orthotic function.

    The PDE Orthosis

    Steve was diagnosed with the neurological disorder CIDP and has been fitted with a pair of walking & water PDE Orthosis.

  • XFT-G3 Stimulator

    Electrical stimulation orthosis for MS, CP, ABI, Stroke & SCI

    XFT-G3 Electrical Stimulator

    Primary or Adjunct Orthosis

    The XFT G3 Functional Electrical Stimulator is a slim lightweight orthosis that supports drop foot in swing phase for clients with an upper motor neurone lesion.


    The XFT-G3 can be used on many different pathologies:

    • MS
    • Brain Injury
    • Stroke
    • CP
    • Spinal Cord Injury

    & can be used as your primary orthosis or as an adjunct to your AFO. The XFT-G3 may allow you to walk barefoot, in thongs & slippers with increased safety if you have drop foot.


    Watch one of our MS clients walk in her XFT-G3 here

  • MyoPro Upper Limb Orthosis

    Regain upper limb movement & reclaim daily living activities with MyoPro.

    Lost arm function?

    Have you lost arm function due to

    • Stroke
    • Brachial Plexus Injury
    • Spinal Cord Injury
    • MS
    • Brain Injury
    • Cerebral Palsy

    Are you frustrated at your loss of ability to do simple daily tasks - like opening a car door, driving, or eating - it’s time to get your freedom back.


    The MyoPro may be suitable for you?

    What is the MyoPro?

    It is a portable, lightweight functional arm brace that restores movement to a weakened arm as a result of neuromuscular damage.


    The custom arm brace has built-in non-invasive myoeletric sensors that enables a person to initiate and control their own arm motion.


    It does not use electrical stimulation but instead relies on the user’s own muscle signal to move their arm. The MyoPro can be used as an assistive orthosis for performing daily living activities in the home and facilitating functional repetitive task practice.

    How does MyoPro work?

    The sensors inside the MyoPro™ detect weak muscle signals. A myoelectric signal is then sent to the processor which will power the hand and elbow motors to assist with moving the arm.


    Essentially, the device detects your intent to move and amplifies your muscles’ ability to perform the desired motion. This gives you access to a variety of activities of daily living that you may have thought were gone forever!


    Watch some users of the MyoPro function with the orthosis on:

  • Stance Control

    Orthotic management of quadriceps weakness.

    Diagnostic Testing

    There are now 13 stance control knee joints that can be incorporated into a KAFO. They all have different features that might be appropriate for the client who has weak quadriceps.


    The team at NeuroMuscular Orthotics has successfully fitted over 150 stance control orthoses to clients with a wide range of knee pathology. We are able to provide four simulations in a walking cast so that clients can trial the following knee joints:

    • Locked KAFO
    • E-Mag Active 
    • NeuroTronic
    • C-Brace

    Ron Bell

    Australia’s First Stance Control KAFO Wearer

    Ron Bell contracted polio as a child in Australia. He has worn bilateral Horton Stance Control KAFO for the past 15 years to supplement his very weak quadriceps. He is very active & you can view him walking in the attached video. Unfortunately, the Horton knee joint has been discontinued and is not available for use.

    E-Mag Active Stance Control KAFO

    The E-Mag Active knee joint locks the knee in last 15 degrees of knee extension in terminal swing. The joint remains locked for stance phase & then an extension moment is required to unlock the joint for free knee flexion in swing. The joint also has a locked mode & free knee mode. Watch Ron walk in his E-Mag Active KAFO.

    NeuroTronic KAFO

    The NeuroTronic KAFO can be programmed to lock the knee in any angle of knee flexion. The knee joint then ratchets to full extension & remains locked for stance phase. An extension moment is required to unlock the knee in terminal stance to allow free knee flexion in swing. Watch Vilas walk in his NeuroTronic KAFO.

  • C-Brace

    NeuroMuscular Orthotics is a global leader in the provision of C-Brace for severe muscle weakness!

    Watch Australia’s first C-Brace wearer function in his C-Brace on his Tasmanian farm!

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